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Imagine a technology that offers unsurpassed reliability and high-speed connectivity. A technology that can be installed globally is easy to deploy, license-free and offers a fast, high ROI, That technology is free-space optics (FSO).
High Bandwidth – up to 2.5Gbps (full duplex)
License-Free – ensures fast deployment worldwide
Highly Secure – use of invisible beams of light provide highly secure transmission
Reliability – provides enterprise- and carrier-class availability without RF saturation and interference
Cost Reductions – eliminates fiber and leased line costs
Easy Deployment – can be installed in fraction of time vs. trenching
Immediate Revenue – faster installation results in reduced time to revenue
Scalability – allows addition/reduction of links as needed
Flexibility – can link locations that are geographically challenging or temporary
Control – gives providers full control over connectivity with no dependency on telcos
Complementary – can be used in conjunction with existing wire line solutions to extend reach or to add redundancy