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LightPointe’s DualPath Kit bundles two specially designed Layer 2 switches with two high-performance unlicensed radios (raw data rates up to 72 Mbps) to provide a high-availability upgrade option for all LightPointe Optical Wireless linkheads. When used as part of a LightPointe system, the DualPath Kit provides redundancy via seamless, sub-second switchover between primary (Optical Wireless) and secondary (RF) links, ensuring up to 99.999% network availability even in fog.

Customized switch firmware minimizes flapping issues and associated port closures while providing network management functionality. With the DualPath Kit, customers can now upgrade their existing LightPointe Optical Wireless installations. Radios can be channel-selected to operate from 5.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz frequencies, making them compliant for regulatory requirements of most countries. Please consult country-specific rules for regulatory guidance on RF usage.

LightPointe’s FlightStrata 100 XA is our fully integrated solution based on DualPath architecture for outdoor wireless that includes web-based network configuration, monitoring, management and advanced failover features.